Hikes Through History

One of the biggest keys to keeping the past alive is educating new generations and teaching them all about it. That is exactly what the Old Berwick Historical Society and the Marshwood School District does with its annual “Hikes Through History”, bringing the past alive for schoolchildren by helping them re-enact it.

Every year the hike focuses on a different area of life in the area as it was in the past. In 2012 the hike focused on the topic of, suitably enough, Childhood. In 2013 the focus will be Transportation and in 2014 the children will learn about Trades.

The Hikes through History are a fascinating way for children to learn about the history of their own neighborhoods because thanks to the volunteers, many of whom actually take on the personas of real people who once lived in the area, the children actually get to live a day in the lives of their long ago counterparts. During the Childhood Hike the participants got to have an old fashioned class photograph taken, perform the kinds of chores and jobs that younger children would have done years ago, play the kinds of games that they did and even experience a little of what the older children who worked in the mill were expected to do as well.

In addition to the day of reenactment itself children and their teachers spend time using resources provided to them by the Old Berwick Historical Society in classroom lessons that give them an overview of the theme. These resources are also available to the public at the website that the society maintains for the project.